In celebration of the Tiffany T collection's debut, we orchestrated Summer of T, a grandiloquent soirée atop a Rockefeller Center rooftop, where sunset met city light. We transformed the quintessential Manhattan rooftop into the Tiffany Penthouse—a chic, sophisticated, and awe-inspiring space where classic met contemporary, and imagination was realized.
As soon as guests entered the penthouse, they were introduced to a new shade of Tiffany blue. A refreshing navy hue accented the space, including the T Bar—a display of jewelry pieces from the collection and artful flower arrangements. In the background, the campaign video featuring Hailey Bieber played on repeat. 
We designed and constructed a tunnel to serve as the gateway to the garden party, connecting the interior space to the open-air experience. The series of grandiose archways glowed Tiffany blues, adding a contemporary look and feel to a classic setting.