Hanoi Art Map Identity

Art direction & Design

This project aims to create a (first-ever) comprehensive map and listing of art galleries and cultural institutions in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. Most contemporary art venues in Hanoi operate within non-traditional infrastructure of the art scene. Therefore the places often have either a distinct atmosphere or/and an unique architecture. 
The concept
The development of the logotype and lockup started with an idea of styling the three As different from the rest of the characters. Later I chose to use 3 red dots instead. The red dots symbolize locations' marks on map. One dot represents a single venue. Two imply either opponent or a pair. Three is a community. 
The Discovery
To design a good logo it always take a dozen trials and errors. And I am a firm believer of the saying "Good thing takes time."
The implementation
For the mobile app, I  created an interface that is universal, simple and yet playful, using the red dots from the brand's logo as a linking component. 
In the print catalogue, while the cover showcases a variety of characters' size and weight choreographed spontaneously, suggesting a sense of play and diversity; the inside spreads employ mainly black and white (with a touch of red) to craft a modern and sophisticated look and feel.
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