I’ve always been fascinated with doors and windows. They are architectural elements that connect and define spaces, indoor and outdoor, private and public. On a personal level, these elements symbolize future, opportunity, and serendipity. As an immigrant, I had to look for windows that are not so visible and pushed doors that were closed. Now living in New York City, a city of many opportunities, I often find myself looking out of my office windows, wondering what else is out there.

The grid architectures and complex urban infrastructure of New York shape a systematic way of living. I realize that if I trace my daily walking path, it will be almost the same every day. I start to feel a strong urge to break away from the routine, at least psychologically, and to play with the idea of urban geographical emancipation. I want to call it a Detour.
I want to create a non-linear story centered around windows and doors. I will combine photography, animation, and illustration for the visuals. 
All images are presented on the website in different orders, depending on how the viewer choose her path. Each page is an image that links to other image pages, leading the viewer to different visual worlds. The overall experience might resemble a game, but with open-ended structure.
A sketch of how the website roadmap might look like. The numbers and links are only for reference. The actual number of pages and how they connect will be determined throughout my process. 
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